We won't be shipping Tuesday afternoon through Friday the 20th. We'll resume shipping Saturday the 20th. We'll try to get all orders out on Saturday. Some might run over to Monday. I'll be at software training for a few days. Thanks very much for your patience and understanding!

I have stock Kawasaki air filters available. They filter well and the price is good. I also have some TwinAir, and HiFlo. I was able to get some outer left side gaskets for the 1984 KL600. (stator cover) These bikes were kick start only, just one year. These gaskets were unobtanium for quite a while.


We'll have more quick jacks about 8-23-22. I'll add a note when we get them back from coating. Everything takes longer these days.


Unfortunately I don't have the energy and strength to keep the machine shop running and work on motorcycles at this time. We are not a motorcycle repair shop. Since chemo, I have lower energy and neuropathy in my feet and hands. I'd love to help everyone, but I just can't work on the bikes for people like I did in the past at times. If I downsize the shop in the future, this might change. I mention this because I frequently get phone calls and emails asking for this service. It's not that I don't want to do it, I just don't have the physical energy and time.



Welcome to Eaglemike.com. We will do our very best to keep you and your KLR happy! Please stay safe, and thanks for your business.


I'll have a couple of Gen1 KLR650's for sale soon, and a very low mile 2016. The 2 Gen1 bikes have good numbers for compression and leak down. I also have some Gen1 frames that I would like to get rid of, they came with some engines I bought from gov't surplus a few years ago. I don't have title for the frames, but can give you a bill of sale. I can't sell these through the site, but contact me and we'll figure it out. 

Canada customers - Universal Cycle in Calgary, Alberta is some of my parts. Gnarly Parts in Chilliwack, B.C is carrying doohickey stuff.

Australia and New Zealand customers - Adventure Bike Australia now has some parts in stock, mostly doo stuff. Give them a call and get your order in! Since USPS is now shipping to Australia, I've enabled that on the site. Their pricing is pretty expensive, but there is tracking and it will get there.


INSTRUCTIONS - I added a link to a video on the KLX order page, and on the Doo order pages.You can also right click on it, and paste the link to the video in a browser to see it full size. I'll be adding more videos to the internet in the future.


You now have the option to choose premium aftermarket gaskets, made in the USA or Japan. They are good quality and less expensive than Kawasaki OEM. Kawasaki OEM parts have recently gone up a lot in price.



Important - There is no shipping to the UK, or the EU at this time. New VAT requirements are an issue. If you can provide a forwarding company with an address in the US for shipping we are glad to do that.



Please keep your head on a swivel and ride (or drive) very carefully! We appreciate all of you! Please stay safe!


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