Refurbish your good usable cylinder head. This includes disassembly, some light cleaning, resurfacing the valves and valve seats, new valve stem seals, tipping the valve stems as required, and reassembly. If the valves are not serviceable there will be additional cost - bent valves, cracked or oversize valve guides, etc - this will cost extra. The valve sealing surface will be proper width and location - we've seen many examples of poorly done work that we had to fix. 

This does not apply to a damaged cylinder head from an engine that has been run out of oil!!!!

If you have an oil user, you need to do this as part of the rebuild when you upgrade to the much better forged piston kit.

Please note - if you mess up during the install and damage the head or valves, there is no warranty. You are also responsible for setting and cheacking valve clearance during the install process.

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klr cylinder head refurbish

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