Cylinder boring and honing for the 685 piston kit. Pricing for the work is the same for using your cylinder or one of our cores. Please leave a note in the comments are during checkout to let me know the year of your bike, and if paint color match is important to you.

You must provide a usable cylinder assembly from a 1996/later klr650. This means no damge, no evidence of water leaking at the bottom of the liner (rust), decent paint. IF you want the prepared cylinder sent to you before I receive your cylinder YOU MUST select the core charge option. I will refund the full core charge if you send me a good cylinder, and I get it in less than 3 weeks from the time I sent one to you. If you do not select the core charge, I will not start work on a cylinder until I receive your part.


IMPORTANT: we are no longer boring cylinders for any pistons but our own. Please don't ask us to support someone else's product. :)

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cylinder bore & hone for 685

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