carb screw upgrade kit
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Make your life easier when working on the carb - get these screws! The stock screws are a soft steel and often strip. These screws replace the top (diaphragm cover) and bottom (bowl) screws on the KLR650 stock carb. A very popular item.

IMPORTANT! Sometimes the screw heads will have knurling, and sometimes they don't. We buy these a few thouand at a time, and maybe one batch has knurls, the next does not. If this is truly important to you (obviously they can't be seen when the tank is in place, and don't affect function) let us know. I'm going to add an option for this in the next few days. I've never cared about this on my personal motorcycles, but a customer recently let me know it was of great importance to him. :) 

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carb screw upgrade kit

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