We'll get started about 8 a.m., and want to be locking the doors by 5 p.m., if not earlier. Please don't show up after lunch and plan to work on your bike. If you want to show up and watch, it's okay to show up later. If things work out, we might be able to help you, but no promises. Thanks!

Remember, the thought behind tech day is for YOU to learn about your klr650, how it works, and how to maintain it. It is NOT about me/us doing the work for you. Please order the parts you will be using at the tech day ahead of time, and pay for them. That way I'll know who is coming. (you don't have to do this, but it will make life easier) We'll refund any shipping, or you can donate that amount toward lunch or whatever. Put a note on the order that it's for tech day. If you want to pay cash on tech day, that's fine too. Just send me an email that you're planning to attend. We will not be doing any piston, or cylinder head work. Too much going on around the shop for that to be done. Plan on doing on a medium task, like a doo or valve adjustment, and one smaller task. If we can do more that it will be a bonus. Sometimes people show up with a long list of stuff they want done, and it's just not realistic. Bring a smile and a good attitude, and all will go well. It might take a few tech days for you to get everything done, or you might learn enough to be comfortable doing your work at home.


I do have other parts that are not on the site. I also have a fair sized stash of used parts.


Tech days are a great place to meet other KLR650 owners, and maybe meet someone to ride with down the road. I hope you can make it!

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