KLX jet kit

Includes KLX needle, e-clip (pre-installed so you don't drop it), brass spacer, 140, 142 and 145 main jets.

The #42 pilot jet is available separately on this site. It improves low end response. Especially important with aftermarket muffler. If you don't have them you might want to orde the carb screw upgrade kit too.

These main jets will cover nearly all KLR setups using this needle. I use a 142 with my 705, custom ported cylnder head, custom headpipe, Uni filter, screen out and snorkel removed. This has been tested by using a recording wide band O2 sensor.

If you are setting up for high altitude let me know in the notes section and I will exchange the 145 for a 138 main jet.

Here is a bit of instruction:



  • Item #: KLXJK
  • Manufacturer: Kawasaki

KLX jet kit

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