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cam chain tensioner gasketclutch cover gasketwater pump cover gasket

Cam chain tensioner gasket, OEM Kawasaki part. Often needed during valve adjustment or other top end work.

Kawasaki OEM clutch cover gasket.

Genuine OEM Kawasaki waterpump cover gasket




.7" bar risers 1.5" bar risers
.7" bar risers1.5" bar risersLow fender Mounting Kit

.7 risers, profiled to match KLR triple clamp. Fits KLR650 and others

1.5" bar risers. Machined aluminum, silver or hard black anodized.

Low fender mounting kit for use wit the Eagle fork brace.




Caliper plate for 320mm rotor, 2008 and later EBC 320mm front brake rotor EBC brake pads
Caliper plate for 320mm rotor, 2008 and laterEBC 320mm front brake rotorEBC brake pads

Proper fitting stainless caliper plate

320mm front brake for KLR650

EBC braks pads




stainless brake lines Rear master cylinder and brake pedal mount
stainless brake linesRear master cylinder and brake pedal mountNGK Iridium spark plug

stainless braided brake lines

Replaces the factory cast part with a much stronger machined bracket.

NGK Iridium spark plug. Long lasting, best quality. No need to gap, just install. Hex is 18mm, same as stock. Remember to clean sround the plug with air compressor before removing the old one. There is also a drain hole on the right side of head,...




carb screw upgrade kit KLX jet kit
exhaust crush gasketcarb screw upgrade kitKLX jet kit

Exhaust crush gasket. This is the copper gasket between the cylinder head and the exhaust header. Remember to keep the nuts tight - check the at 100 miles and 500 miles. 

Make your life easier when working on the carb - get these screws!

KLX needle, main jets, etc




Air injection blockoff kit Lowering links for 2008 and later KLR650
fuel elbow for carb with o-ringsAir injection blockoff kitLowering links for 2008 and later KLR650

Repplcement fuel inlet elbow for carb with o-rings. This is genuine Kawasaki part. This fits carb's 1987-2009. In 2010 Kawaski changed the carb.

Air injection blockoff kit

Lowering links for the 2008 and later. These links lower the bike about 1", depending on where you measure. You should consider sliding the fork tubes up 1" after installing these. Instructions are supplied with the links. Made in USA by Eagle...




raising links for 2008/later KLR650 Countershaft sprocket Prevailing torque nut
raising links for 2008/later KLR650Countershaft sprocketPrevailing torque nut

This links slightly change the rear suspension geometry - they are very popular! The bike will sit slightly higher in the back. It will also take more weight to compress the suspension as compared to the stock setup.

Countershaft sprocket

prevailaing torque nut for the 1996 and lter KLR650




final drive chain for klr650 rear sprocket for KLR 650
countershaft sprocket shim kitfinal drive chain for klr650rear sprocket for KLR 650

Shim kit to remove the lateral play in the countershaft sprocket.

X-ring final drive chain for klr650

rear sprocket for klr650 OEM KAwasaki




Drill through subframe upgrade kit front master cylinder screws HiFlo Oil Filter
Drill through subframe upgrade kitfront master cylinder screwsHiFlo Oil Filter

replacement screws for the front master cylinder reservoir lid.

HiFlo oil filter for the KLR




low profile magnetic drain plug Manual Petcock for KLR650 Oil Filler Cap - natural or black hard anodize
low profile magnetic drain plugManual Petcock for KLR650Oil Filler Cap - natural or black hard anodize

Steel, comes with 4 crush washers.



Manual Petcock, replaces factory vacuum petcock. Direct bolt on.

Machined aluminum oil filler cap. Uses 6mm hex key (there's one in the factory tool kit). Includes new o-ring too! Hard anodized. Natural hard anodize closely matches engine color 1997 through 2010.




Quick Jack
Quick Jackcylinder bore & hone for 685cylinder bore & hone for 692

Also known as a trail jack. Used to support front or rear of bike in combination with sidestand and either wheel. Light, made from steel tubing, fits in a tank bag or tool tube. Telescopes so can be used for any bike.

Cylinder boring and honing for the 685 piston kit. Read full description before ordering.

Cylinder boring and honing for the 692 piston kit. Read full description before ordering.




Uni air filter Uni air filter care kit.
Subframe bolt upgradeUni air filterUni air filter care kit.

Non-drill though kit. Replace factory bolts with stronger bolts.

These work very well in the KLR. Flow tests by Cary Aspy said these are the best. Filter care kit available separately. IMPORTANT! You must have the proper oil. Order the filter care kit if you don't have the proper oil. These are not oiled when new!

Keep your engine and filter working well with this kit. Filter cleaner and oil.