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OEM petcock rebuild kitOil Filter Bypass Tuberear hub rubber damper

Rebuild kit for the original Kawasaki vacuum operated petcock. Made in Japan.

Oil filter bypass tube. Often lost, thrown away with the old filter. You need this in the engine to make sure the oil passes through the filter. Only fits one way, small end into the engine first.

Rear hub, rubber damper. This is the rubber part that fits between the sprocket carrier and hub. Kawasaki OEM part.




rings 685Spirolock - replacement JEvalve cover gasket, Kawasaki OEM

replacement ring set for JE/Eagle 685 piston

Replacement spirolock for JE piston kit. This does not fit Kawasaki pistons. This does not fit pistons using circlips to retain the wrist pin.


Price is per each - 2 are needed for each piston.

Genuine Kawasaki valve cover gasket. This usually last the life of the bike, but can be damaged and need replacement.




685 forged piston kit 692 forged piston kit
waterpump rebuild kit, klr650685 forged piston kit692 forged piston kit

The internal parts needed to rebuild the water pump. O-ring, mechanical seal, and oil seal. You would also likely need a waterpump gasket and clutch cover gasket.

Oversize piston kit, fits 1996 and later KLR650. Forged, lightweight, 2.5mm over stock. Premium rings.

Oversize piston kit, fits 1996 and later KLR650. Forged, lightweight, 3.00mm over stock. Premium rings.




719 forged piston kit Complete lever kit with torsion spring incl special tools Complete kit w/torsion spring less tools
719 forged piston kitComplete lever kit with torsion spring incl special toolsComplete kit w/torsion spring less tools

Oversize piston kit, fits 1996 and later KLR650. Forged, lightweight, 5.0mm over stock. Premium rings.

Everything you need except standard shop tools tools!

Kit includes:

Eagle basic lever (Doo) kit (does not include extension springs)

Rotor bolt

Torsion spring

Inner left side gasket

Outer left side gasket




Basic lever kit (basic doohickey kit) Torsion spring Rotor bolt
Basic lever kit (basic doohickey kit)Torsion springRotor bolt

Basic lever kit - the famous Eagle balancer adjustment lever (doohickey). High strength heat-treated aerospace grade stainless. No springs are included. Special tools req'd.


Torsion spring for the klr650 balancer system. Offers several advantages over the factory style extension springs: longer adjustment range, captured on install - spring body can't fall into crankcase.

Rotor bolt, genuine OEM Kawasaki.




Rotor puller Rotor holder wrench Left side inner gasket
Rotor pullerRotor holder wrenchLeft side inner gasket

Rotor puller, made by Eagle! High strength alloy steel. 19mm (also fits 3/4 scket) hex. Don't use those pullers made of soft screw stock, use the good stuff!

Rotor holder wrench used during the lever/doohickey upgrade. Use during rotor bolt removal and with rotor puller to remove rotor from end of crankshaft. Use during install of new rotor bolt. Non-magnetic. Design makes it harder to slip and damage rotor.

left side inner gasket, genuine OEM Kawasaki.




Left side outer gasket
Left side outer gasketfuel elbow for carb with o-ringswater pump cover gasket

Left side outer gasket. Genuine OEM Kawasaki.

Repplcement fuel inlet elbow for carb with o-rings. This is genuine Kawasaki part. This fits carb's 1987-2009. In 2010 Kawaski changed the carb.

Genuine OEM Kawasaki waterpump cover gasket




Rear master cylinder and brake pedal mount
cam chain tensioner gasketclutch cover gasketRear master cylinder and brake pedal mount

Cam chain tensioner gasket, OEM Kawasaki part. Often needed during valve adjustment or other top end work.

Kawasaki OEM clutch cover gasket.

Replaces the factory cast part with a much stronger machined bracket.




raising links for 2007/earlier KLR650 Lowering links for 2007 and earlier KLR650 stainless brake lines
raising links for 2007/earlier KLR650Lowering links for 2007 and earlier KLR650stainless brake lines

This links slightly change the rear suspension geometry - they are very popular! The bike will sit slightly higher in the back. It will also take more weight to compress the suspension as compared to the stock setup.

Lowering links for the 2007 and esrlir. These links lower the bike about 1", depending on where you measure. You should consider sliding the fork tubes up 1" after installing these. Instructions are supplied with the links. Made in USA by Eagle...

stainless braided brake lines




EBC brake pads
EBC brake padscylinder bore & hone for 692cylinder bore & hone for 685

EBC braks pads

Cylinder boring and honing for the 692 piston kit. Read full description before ordering.

Cylinder boring and honing for the 685 piston kit. Read full description before ordering.




EBC 320mm front brake rotor Fork brace for KLR650, 2007 and earlier (back to 1987)
EBC 320mm front brake rotorShark fin rear disk protectorFork brace for KLR650, 2007 and earlier (back to 1987)

320mm front brake for KLR650

Shark fin rear disk protector for 1987-2007

Fork brace precision machined from aluminum barstock. Drilled and tapped for lower fender attachment. Hard anodized black for corrosion protection. Fits 1987 through 2007, A model only, sold in US 1987-2007.




KLX jet kit
Low fender Mounting KitNGK Iridium spark plugKLX jet kit

Low fender mounting kit for use wit the Eagle fork brace.

NGK Iridium spark plug. Long lasting, best quality. No need to gap, just install. Hex is 18mm, same as stock. Remember to clean sround the plug with air compressor before removing the old one. There is also a drain hole on the right side of head,...

KLX needle, main jets, etc