Fork brace for KLR650, 2007 and earlier (back to 1987)
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Fork brace precision machined from aluminum barstock. Drilled and tapped for lower fender attachment. Hard anodized black for corrosion protection. Fits OEM forks all years 1987 through 2007 for the A model. This does not fit the C model sold outside the US.


If you add the low fender mount kit ($10.99) you get (4) 6mm bolts and (4) 1" long spacers. You can use these to mount a fender to the fork brace. The fork brace instruction include a part number for a fender that I've used. Fenders for a 1993-2006 KX125-250 will fit, also fenders for the KLX250F. This gives more color and shape options. Cycra, Acerbis, and Polysport all make fenders for one or more of these bikes. I've been told the KX450F fender also has the same pattern, but haven't tired it myself yet.






  • Item #: FB7
  • Manufacturer: Eagle Mfg & Eng

Fork brace for KLR650, 2007 and earlier (back to 1987)

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