Countershaft sprocket
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Countershaft sprockets for the KLR650. Available sizes 14, 15, 16, 17. The 17 come with the spacer required for the 1990 and later. Important note (using 17 tooth) - for the 1990 through 1995 you will need to use the 1987-1989 retainer plate. I'm looking at making a universal plate as we don't know how long the retainer plates will be available from Kawasaki. I have a few of the factory plates in stock at this time

The 17 requires light modification toi the countershaft cover. The factory length chain can still be used.

Please be sure to select the correct year so we can send the correct sprocket.

If your setup requires a spacer we will include it.

These are the very good quality Sunstar, proven to be the best wearing that I know of. The great Cary Aspy used the same Sunstar 16 for over 60,000 miles. Chain maintenance was obviousy a regular thing, but this is still unmatched.

We have the great Sunstar 16 tooth sprocket back in stock!

Sunstar also quit putting the bolt holes in the 35916. This means if you have a 1990-early 1996 with the sprocket retainer plate you'll need to use the thinner 33316 with a spacer if you want to use a Sunstar sprocket. At this time I don't know if JT or any of the other sprocket suppliers are still making the 1990-early 1996 configuration. I only have a few of the 1990-early 1996 16 tooth sprockets (made by PBI in the UIS in stock. After those are gone we'll have to get whatever is available.

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Countershaft sprocket

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