Caliper plate for 320mm rotor, 2007/earlier forks, using SV cali

Want to fit a 320mm front brake disk to your 2007 and earlier KLR650? Here is a proper fitting caliper plate. You'll need to use decent shop practice to install, but it's not hard. You'll use simple shop tools and some loctite. Allow about an hour for mounting both the 320 rotor to the hub and installing this caliper plate. This was fit checked with an EBC rotor, but should also work with Galfer. Supplied with mounting bolts needed. You will need to ream/drill out the threads in the SV caliper plate so the mounting bolts go through.

Important note: We recently switched to using 7075 aircraft grade aluminum. These are almost twice as strong as the others using 6061 aluminum. We are also putt Helicoil inserts in the threaded holes. This makes the threads much stronger. The parts weigh about 1/3 the weight of our previous part. 

Fits A model KLR650 ONLY

Suzuki (caliper) part # 59300 33D90 999
Bikes equipped with this caliper:
2003+ SV650
2009+ TU250
1998-2003 GSX600F Katana
1998-2003 GSX750F Katana
2004+ DL650 Weestrom
2002+ DL1000 Veestrom

(thanks to ChuckB for putting the above data together) :)


  • Item #: 320SV07
  • Manufacturer: Eagle Mfg & Eng

Caliper plate for 320mm rotor, 2007/earlier forks, using SV cali

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