719 forged piston kit

Oversize piston kit, fits 1996 and later KLR650. Aftermarket sleeve must be used. Forged, lightweight, 5.0mm over stock. Premium rings and wrist pin. Requires cylinder machining. This kit includes required gaskets : head gasket, base gasket, exhaust headpipe crush copper gasket, cam chain tensioner gasket. 

Improved performance and smoother engine. 

This setup requires the removal of the stock sleeve, light clearancing around head bolt casting areas, cleaning cylinder block, installing new o-rings, install the aftermarket sleeve, then deck, bore and hone the aftermarket sleeve.

If you already have the sleeve in place, just bore and hone to the correct size.

IMPORTANT: we are no longer boring cylinders for any pistons but our own. Please don't ask us to support someone else's product. :)

This price does not include the sleeve. It is available separately.

 I highly recommend installing a ThermoBob on every KLR650, especially those with a big bore kit. This helps the cylinder stay round.

IMPORTANT - these are considered racing parts, and there is no warranty. The performance and function is entirely dependant on the quality of the bore and honing, and install process.



  • Item #: 719pk
  • Manufacturer: Eagle by JE Pistons

719 forged piston kit

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